7 reasons Why an UpHome Shower Renovation is a Good Investment

UpHome Renovation | 7 reasons Why an UpHome Shower Renovation is a Good Investment

It’s no secret that keeping your home updated comes at a cost. While some areas are money pits by nature, other areas of your home benefit tremendously from a little TLC. The best areas to invest in are the ones that yield a greater return! The value of the return can be viewed in two ways:

-It can be assessed monetarily in terms of the additional money you would recoup during a future sale
-or it can be evaluated based on the level of personal enjoyment the investment brings.

The good news? These do not have to be mutually exclusive. The even better news? An UpHome shower renovation is the type of investment that does both! Here are seven reasons why investing in an UpHome shower conversion is a great idea.

How do you budget for a shower renovation?

When it comes to deciding your bathroom renovation investment, proper planning is key.Whether you are forecasting large or small bathroom renovation costs, the process should be the same. For a more detailed guide on how to plan the budget for your bathroom renovation, visit our "How to plan your luxury bathroom renovation" article.

1.  Start by laying out your total project budget, all in.

There will always be unforeseen circumstances and unwelcome surprises that pop up during renovations, especially if you are doing any demolition. Going with the mentality that you’ll overspend by at least 10% of your budget. Subtract that 10% (or even 15%) from your ultimate number to be on the safe side. You’ll be thankful for that cushion in the end!

2.  Next, work backward to create a wish list.

Place all non-negotiables like a bathtub to shower conversion at the top of your list. Consider which elements of your bathroom are the most crucial for you to renovate, update or change. Perhaps some areas need to be just slightly remodeled or polished.

3.  From there, think about who you will be hiring to complete the work.

Labor can be one of the costlier parts of your project, so it is important to weigh out all your options.

4.  Finally, begin planning your design and materials.

The next largest percentage of your bathroom renovation budget goes to materials. If you can purchase all fixtures, tiles, and other bathroom accessories on your own, you will likely be able to secure some cost savings.

What are the average bathroom renovation costs in the U.S.?

It can be a bit difficult to hone in on exact bathroom renovation costs, as they vary based on your existing bathroom's size, design, and layout. Bathrooms are one of the priciest yet most worthwhile rooms to renovate. It’s a space that everybody uses everyday! Improvements in functionality, design, and comfort go a long way, as a home’s bathrooms are some of the most high-traffic areas of the house.

To provide some context, the average bathroom renovation costs, as aggregated from more than 20,000 HomeAdvisor users, came close to $11,000, though many homeowners end up spending upwards of that (see article here). The priciest portion of bathroom renovation costs are usually attributable to new shower installations, though they also typically yield the highest ROI when it comes time to sell.

Why is an UpHome Shower Renovation a Good Investment?

There is no doubt that a bathroom renovation investment with UpHome is a worthy investment. Here are seven reasons that support this statement!

● The walk-in shower trend is not only increasing in popularity, but it is here to stay. Showers, in particular, have become the most prominent selling features of remodeled bathrooms. They add tremendous perceived and actual value.

● According to Zillow, the biggest bump in your home’s property value can be directly attributed to bathroom renovations. Average returns range from 55-70%.

● UpHome Renovation specializes in upscale yet affordable shower renovations that cost around $10,000 on average. This is well below what homeowners usually spend.

● Not only is there a proven monetary ROI for the investment, but there is an elevated lifestyle return as well. An UpHome shower renovation will provide homeowners and families with something they’ll actually get to enjoy physically and aesthetically every single day. The investment is guaranteed to make both your bank account and your family happy. (That's what we call a win-win!)

● UpHome saves homeowners from the hassles typically associated with bathroom remodels like construction delays, material shortages, or unforeseen costs. With UpHome, you can go from the design stage to actual installation in as quickly as one week.

● Plus, you won’t have to shop around for all the elements needed to complete your vision. UpHome provides a simple solution; everything you need for the shower remodeling, including the shower tiles, walls, floors, doors, shower heads, and additional accessories like shelves and shower seats is already included.

●  UpHome also guarantees the quality and installation of its shower conversions. All materials are manufactured exclusively in the U.S.

Any additional dollar signs you see when thinking about investing in your home will make you think twice. However, it is clear that an UpHome shower renovation isa no-brainer. You spend time every day (and probably multiple times a day) in your bathroom. From both a pure comfort and enjoyment perspective, as well as a home value perspective, investing in UpHome shower renovations are well worth it. We are here to help!

UpHome Renovation Contemporary Style Bathroom

An UpHomeRenovation is one you and your family can actually look forward to. The convenience, quality, affordability, and turnaround time is unmatched.

Simply head to UpHome’s website, browse the photos for all shower renovation styles, select your dream shower, and receive an exact price instantly. The process from payment to final install can happen in as little as one week. What are you waiting for? Get started today. It’s time.

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7 reasons Why an UpHome Shower Renovation is a Good Investment

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