Are walk in showers taking over America?

UpHome Renovation | Are walk in showers taking over America?

There’s a very popular home redesign trend making a splash across the nation – and it is a refreshing one! Bathtubs are on their way out, and walk-in showers are in. If you’re considering a bathroom renovation, knowing the latest trends is key from both a design and resale-value perspective. We’re breaking down everything you need to know about the walk-in shower craze.

What is the hype around walk-in showers?

In recent years, the trend of removing bathtubs has exploded. Rather than updating outdated bathtubs during a bathroom renovation, a significant portion of home owners are exchanging them for larger, walk-in showers.

According toa recent design trends study by Houzz, more than 75% percent of homeowners who remove their bathtubs choose to build a large shower instead. It is clear that over time, bathtubs are becoming less suitable for the overall population. This concept has been trending in Europe for quite some time and is now gaining popularity in America.

Why should I include a walk-in shower in my bathroom renovation?

There are many reasons why you should highly consider swapping out that tub for a beautiful shower during your next remodel or complete renovation.

· Showers are more convenient.

Unless you’re a family with young children, a bathtub can be a real inconvenience. A tub is more difficult to clean and is a hassle to constantly climb in and out of, especially as you get older. It is not exactly safe either. Bathing can also be quite a process. Just filling up the bath alone is a time-consuming task, not to mention the additional time it takes to sit and bathe yourself. Showering is a much quicker, thorough experience. The freshwater constantly runs over your entire body and you can walk inside immediately after starting the water.

· Showers emanate more upscale vibes.

In addition, many homeowners and landlords lean toward walk-in showers as they give off a much more elevated appearance. They are becoming the centerpiece of the bathroom and can provide that “WOW” factor for potential buyers in the future. That once luxurious or regal perception of bathing has now transitioned to a sleek, walk-in shower.

· Showers give homeowners more creative flexibility when it comes to design.

Many choose to add an accent wall within their shower to make the design unique. Modern and even transitional designs now feature expansive showers with trendy yet desirable hardware like double shower heads, rain showers, and body sprayers.

· Showers are a worthy investment.

Regardless of the elements you choose, bathroom renovations are undoubtedly an investment. However, choosing to replace your bathtub with a walk-in shower is more than worth it in the long run. Firstly, showers are the more environmentally (and wallet) friendly option as they conserve water. This holds especially true when you install efficient, water-saving shower heads. Secondly, many Americans shower at least once if not twice a day, so you know you are investing in something you will use constantly. On the other hand, many homeowners admit to rarely taking baths or even running the water in their tubs. What a waste - in every sense of it!

This walk-in shower trend is one that we see continuing to gain momentum all across the United States.
Are you ready to step right in?

Where should I go to design my dream shower?

The evidence is clear; walk-in showers are one of the most sought-out features of a bathroom remodel. So, now that you’ve decided it’s time to make the switch, where do you even begin? While there are many options for bathroom remodels, you’ll want to choose wisely. Average shower replacements alone can cost you upwards of$13,000, depending on which materials you use and who you hire to complete the work.

That’s where UpHome Renovation comes in. UpHome specializes in affordable luxury shower conversions with a total cost of less than $10,000 including installation and with financing options. Some of the top benefits of usingUpHome include:

·  Easy process and experience from design to completion
·  Luxurious stone-line material at affordable prices.
·  Quicktimeline
·  Upscale designs
·  Comprehensive product and install warranties
·  A great team that knows what they’re doing

All UpHome showers are manufactured in the USA and designed to provide exactly whatAmericans are already looking for. Every element from the walls to the accessories and doors are included. UpHome's one-piece shower tiles use a unique, patented blend of materials that mimic the exact look and feel of stunning marble and natural stone. This means they will not only elevate the look of your home, but they will do so in an affordable way. With UpHome, you don’t have to compromise between quality and price. You truly get the best of both worlds.

Another significant advantage of using UpHome Renovation over other contractors or remodeling companies is the seamless user experience and quick turn around times. The quote process is fully transparent and instant, so you never have to guess what your final bill will be. Plus, installation can be completed in as little as a couple days versus weeks for typical bathroom renovation timelines.

When done correctly, incorporating the walk-in shower trend into your bathroom renovation will be a welcomed enhancement. You will not only benefit from the convenience and conservation, but also the elevated style it brings to your home. Are you ready to make the switch? Learn more here, or connect with a specialist directly at to get started. It’s time.

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Are walk in showers taking over America?

When done correctly, incorporating the walk-in shower trend into your bathroom renovation will be a welcomed enhancement. You will not only benefit from the convenience and conservation but also the elevated style it brings to your home. Are you ready to make the switch?

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