Frequently Asked Questions

Why is UpHome an expert in showers?

UpHome does offer full bathroom renovations, but we are experts in showers since we manufacture our own unique & patented materials.

The shower is the most complicated part of the bathroom and the one that requires the most expertise & attention to detail. UpHome specializes in shower renovations to focus on where it can provide the most value for customers in the shortest amount of time at this stage. UpHome showers are made out of a unique patented material that is not available anywhere else in the US and our installation process allows us to do the full renovation in only two days, while most bathroom renovations take closer to 1 week.

We believe that the shower is the best place to start with a truly transformational bathroom renovation and the area where people are better off getting a professional instead of doing it themselves.

Many people decide to do the rest of the bathroom on their own to save money or to do it later. So we offer both the option to renovate the full bathroom or just the shower.

Last update:
March 11, 2022

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