Frequently Asked Questions

Why is UpHome better than a General Contractor?

There are two reasons why UpHome is better than a General Contractor, our high-quality service & our affordable luxurious materials.

About our materials:

Our materials are made using a unique patented solid composite blend of minerals, achieving the look and feel of natural stone & marble. Besides looking really good, our materials allow a groutless shower installation, which means that your shower will remain looking good throughout the years and there is no need to clean and(or) re-apply grout or silicon. Our shower trays and monolith wall tiles are not available anywhere else in the US.

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About our all-inclusive service:

UpHome in a one-stop shop, which guarantees a high-quality service that meets all your needs in an incredibly fast timeline. With UpHome, you can get your instant quote for a full shower renovation & financing within minutes online, which means you can skip searching & comparing providers, as well as visiting multiple stores to compare materials & prices. Our price includes everything from demolition, materials for your shower, construction materials, hardware, accessories & waste disposal, so the price that you see is the price you get*. All of our materials are in stock and are ready to be installed as early as 7 days as you place your order (maybe even faster depending on availability of our crews). Our prices are the best in terms of value for your dollar.

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Last update:
March 11, 2022

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