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What is a senior friendly shower?

A senior friendly shower is a shower that is designed and built keeping aging and limited mobility of seniors in mind. This means taking measures to reduce the risk of falling and making the shower as easy and as comfortable as possible for seniors, helping them to keep their independence and peace of mind.

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UpHome showers are senior friendly

UpHome shower trays are as senior friendly as it gets. Our UpHome™ Shower Trays come with an integrated slope and when installed installed flushed to floor, there is no curve. UpHome™ Shower Trays come with sand or slate anti-slip finishes.

Nebia Quattro by Moen Shower Head

What are the features of UpHome's senior friendly showers?

It is no secret that bathtubs are not particularly friendly for seniors or people with limited mobility, so walk-in showers are by de facto friendlier for seniors. But there are more things that make a shower senior-friendly than simply not being a bathtub. UpHome has the options that you need to make your shower senior-friendly while keeping a luxurious style.

A flushed to floor One Piece Shower Tile

No curve

Our flushed to floor shower tile installation removes the step between the floor of your bathroom and shower.

Wooden shower seat perfect for a safe shower for seniors

Shower seat

Our foldable shower seats are both practical & stylish, keeping your shower looking great and practical. They hold up to 200lb.

Grab bar in shower, ideal for seniors

Grab bar

Our 24 inches grab bars come in matching colors to your shower head and help you to keep your stability.

All of UpHome shower installations include the preparation of the structure to be able to support a shower seat and grab bar. We suggest to order them at the moment of your installation, but in case you change your mind later, you will be able to order them separately for an additional charge.

Threshold of shower renovation with curtain for seniors

Curtains & senior friendly water thresholds

Curtains are friendlier for seniors since they help you to maximize the space in your shower and are flexible in case you need assistance. At UpHome, we use eco-friendly shower curtains made by Nebia, which are stylish and easy to clean. To prevent water from making its way into your bathroom's floor, we use ADA friendly water thresholds on our shower trays (1/2" high).

Dual-function hand shower heads

Choose from one of our dual-function shower heads. Ideal for convenience when standing up and comfort when sitting down.

Shower head in our luxury step in shower with sierra light and gray picket wall decor set configuration.

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