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Committed to the world and our community

UpHome's commitment with its communities

As part of our social responsibility strategy we are committed to creating jobs in America, sustainability & giving back. At UpHome, we are committed to the world and to our communities. We believe in a balance between economic growth and the welfare of society and the environment.

Creating jobs in the neighborhood

UpHome is creating jobs in America

From manufacturing, to operations and at our corporate office.

Contractor working in shower renovation
We provide happy and fair jobs in America

UpHome believes in water & sanitation for everyone

We donate $20 per shower to water.org

Help us save water, we donate to water.org

Why does UpHome donates to Water.org?

Safe water protects and saves lives

Today 785 million people — 1 in 9 — lack access to safe water at home. And 2 billion — 1 in 3 people — don't have access to a toilet. The water crisis negatively impacts the health and livelihood of more than one-third of our global population.

At UpHome, we believe in the power of water to change lives and believe it is our responsibility to help families in America to reduce water consumption as well as helping people across the world to get access to safe & sanitation.

Water.org is a global nonprofit organization that has changed the lives of over 36 million people through safe water & sanitation. UpHome decided to donate part of our profits to support Water.org efforts to make safe water accessible for everyone.

Our partnership with Public Goods

UpHome wants to help you keep your bathroom clean and reduce plastic consumption

It’s part of our responsibility.
Our partnership with Public Goods is essential to us — we care for the world, our environment and we care for you too. Through our partnership with Public Goods, UpHome brings high-quality and eco-friendly products into the hands of our customers, as well as help them to reduce plastic consumption.

Public Goods shampoo and conditioner, part of our care kit

We include refillable shampoo, conditioner, body wash, glass cleaner and bathroom cleaner on your renovation.
We also include the shelf for these items!​ As an UpHome customer, you can save $79 and 25% off your first order to get refills with our promo code. You will receive the promo code after your UpHome Renovation.

Less plastic, more fun!

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